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.dungeon is a book about traveling through a virtual, fantasy world. One person takes on the role of the World, filling in the nooks and crannies with dungeons and adventures that they think up or borrow from books they already own. Everyone else is a Player and creates a Character to explore those nooks, discover their treasure, and interact with NPCs and other flesh-and-blood folks in the virtual world.

The thing that sets .dungeon apart from other books is the inspiration it takes from social games like Werewolf and Munchkin. The real world can (and will) affect the game you create. Each class has different powers based on physical things you do, or different parts of your life. The witch uses their tattoos to cast spells while the wizard uses their favorite book. The knight makes vows while the leader can offer gifts to the other players to aid them. There are 10 classes total to choose from, including the bard, the troll, and the artist. 

Beyond that, the game functions on a simple contest system.

  • You assign dice (like the d4, and the d8) to your stats
  • Roll the appropriate die when facing an obstacle
  • If you roll higher than the obstacle, you succeed!
  • If you roll lower, you take damage equal to the difference

When you take damage it's subtracted from your connection, which is a shared pool of hit points between all of the characters. It represents your time together in this virtual world, and when it dwindles down to 0, it's game over.

Also included in the book:

  • A simple oracle system
  • NPC charts for plotting in-depth characters
  • A quest generator
  • Advice/tools for porting adventures/monsters over to .dungeon with ease

You can still preorder the physical edition of the game (hardback, stitched binding) over at nerves.store for $25!

This pdf will be updated when the rest of the art comes in!

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Buy Now$15.00 USD or more

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will there be a fillable character sheet pdf? 

Yup! we're working on it now.


Don't want to be rude, but are you going to update your Pokémon OSR system?

What kind of update are you looking for? There are no planned expansions to it at this point but the jam we ran had a lot of great entries!


Maybe some kind of monster manual, so DM's would have an easier time running it. That's at least what I had in mind, but if there are no future updates planned, then don't worry about it.