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Not on Twitter but I'm interested in a print version!

I think had some copies? But I only did a limited print run a long while ago so I'm not sure if there's any circulating anymore.


Vulture is a 21 page trpg with gorgeous cover art and cool layout.

It's also got some odd glitch-horror elements, so be ready for this not to be a standard STALKER-inspired sci-fi jaunt.

Mechanics-wise, Vultures is slightly crunchy, but definitely minimalist. You can't call shots or disarm opponents, but one point of damage does kill you.

Skills checks are resolved through a d20 roll, DC 10, with a few things giving you small bonuses.

Character creation is super flavorful, and also gives you a solid look at the setting, but if you're only reading the player section it's still a little hard to get a clear picture of the Vultures' universe. It's apparent that there's a dystopian thing called Space Mom that owns most people, but beyond that you're relying on what the GM tells you as you build your backstory.

And for GMs, there's a whole "players keep out" section that gives them the necessary basics on the universe---and it also provides an interesting mechanical twist, which I can't spoil here in the review, but which transforms the game pretty heavily.

I will say: be comfortable with writing your own mechanics on the fly if your Vultures game goes for more than a few sessions.

Overall, if you like Paranoia or System Shock, or if you like games that change as you play them, Vultures is for you. I highly encourage picking up a copy.

Possibly the only mecha TTRPG I'd be interested in playing.It was the presentation of the Damage paragraph that really got my attention.


Dear Batts,

Last night I was very sleepy when I saw your page. I told myself that the following day I would grab your lovely, lovely games for Free RPG Day.I think they are so cool and gorgeous and they make my heart throb - however, this evening I was distraught when I found I had entirely forgotten about it!! Is there any way I can still procure your games? 


Loving this but are there any Character Sheets for this?


Resources For Vultures


Links for Space Mom’s Ambient Playlist

Laar - Kilchhofer

Still Space - Satoshi Ashikawa

Crying Pyramid - Subaeris

Three Cheers for Existence - Deru

sonata no. 01 - movement iii - Ann Annie

ENERGY - death’s dynamic shroud

Nightmoves - Moon Diagrams

望海 - L+R

Whale Child - Meng Qi

What Ash it Flow Up - Bing & Ruth


Amazing stuff! Rules lite and evocative!

That switch from bright encouraging colors for Vultures/Players Guide to BnW GM/Space Mom guide was a trip. Really sets tone for the game flow/genre for me.