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I'm a beginner and have never played a game like this before (I have no one to play with), so I wanted to try one solo. Is it beginner friendly and are the steps explained?

The game is actually played page by page, so yes!

This is a short but impactful solo survival-horror roleplaying game. It offers a unique experience in which the layout contributes to the horror using only minimal typography. The required soundtrack is incredible at setting the perfect atmosphere. Very cool take! I hope this series continues someday!


jfc this game hit me hard



Just brutal.

It does exactly what you’d expect a survival horror game to do, and it does it really well.


This is a really good game

It's good in ways that surprised me. I won't elaborate further to avoid spoilers, except to say that I never expected some good music recommendations?


I find it hard to find time for playing games, but I finally did for this one. From start to finish, it wrung me out and stung like the best of films. I finally look at the clock again, once it's over: 45 minutes had passed.

You know when you delicately place a morsel of rich food in your mouth, and it takes you a full minute before you open your mouth or eyes again, and you feel like you got more from that one bite than from most meals?

This game does that.

Pay for it. Give it your time. I promise it will give more back, if you let yourself savor it. I look forward to savoring this game again.


Red Snow fucked me up

It made me cry and it hurt, and it made me immediately text a close friend of mine to tell them I missed them

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I don't play a lot of solo games but this was really good