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My Body is a Cage is a game about balancing slice-of-life drama with dungeon crawling. During the day you live your normal life, going to school, working your job, trying to pay your bills and keep your head above water. But when you sleep you dream of a dungeon. And when you find coins in that dungeon, you wake up richer.

Players try to roll a 10 or above with 2d6 to accomplish tasks. As you do risky things, you collect additional dice in your Pool. You can add dice from your Pool to any of your rolls to make them more likely to succeed, but at the end of the session you can trade in dice leftover in your pool for abilities, stats, and money, so be careful how you spend them.

The book features:

  • a d100 table to get an assortment of 6 stats
  • a d100 table of genres to choose from
  • skills, ideals, bonds, and flaws
  • a new bingo-chart-based progression
  • a word search equipment table
  • a paper fortune teller random treasure generator
  •  guides to create monsters & npcs
  • additional pages from Adam Vass & Gordie Murphy
  • and 7 dungeons from Alex Damanceno, Ema Acosta, Jim Gies, 
    Josh Domanski, Maria Mison, Nevyn Holmes, and Julie- Anne Muñoz

Buying this PDF gets you the book, a plaintext epub, a plaintext word document, and a png of the Cage City map.

You can pickup the full color, 60-page physical book on drivethru. It's hardback, 60 pages, 8.5x11" landscape.

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Get this game and 32 more for $20.00 USD
View bundle
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On Sale!
50% Off
$10.00 $5.00 USD or more

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