A downloadable arttrpg

.dungeon is a game you are already playing.  here is the manual. 
check your stats and finalize your avatar.
when you've gathered the party,
log on and explore the world of

all worlds exist within annwn. 

port all of your favorite modules and monsters into .dungeon
to explore them in a different light. 

what makes .dungeon unique is its way of pulling information from
the physical playing space and the people playing the game
to create an altered reality.

you are always playing the game.

Characters have 6 stats.

assign a different die from the standard set of polyhedral dice to each of the six stats: d4, d6, d8, d10, d12, and d20. the larger the die, the better chance of success with that stat.

this game settles disputes with dice Contests. 

each side rolls a die and the highest number wins. 

the rest of the game is a love letter to the internet and isekai. it's about adventuring, exploring mystical locations, and the oddities that come from an mmo.

it's the backdrop for human connection
and interacting with real people
among the chaos of dungeon delving.

There's a game jam going on right now.

Check out the kickstarter on 9/5 to get your copy!

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job.info is a brilliant idea, and some of the class ideas are ingenious. I'm very curious to see what other classes come out of the jam and which make the cut for the full release

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Look at the jigglydice!


"Will feature selected classes from the Game Jam that is going on right now"-

Which Game Jam is that?  There are a ton


Looks like it's a link to https://itch.io/jam/dungeon-class-jam!