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any word on a reprint for physical copies?


Hey, I'm unsure of if there will be one at this time. Any updates will be announced on my Twitter tho


I purchased a copy from floatingchair, does this include access to the pdf, or do I need to procure that separately.

Btw, this is really good. Bought it on a whim and really like it.


I'd reach out to floating chair. I'd expect it does.


Thanks, that worked.


What's the situation re: international shipping of print books?

I love the sound of this but am wary of the cost of shipping to the UK.


You can check on to see how much shipping is. I'll update this page and that page if stores in the UK get copies to sell.


$24.70 for USPS First Class Package Shipping, ouch!

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In the UK, the Melsonian Arts Council of Troika! fame have been partnering with for their third-party fulfillment.


Car game! Car game!!! Vroom. It’s the best. My fav part is the Autumn Chapel, they sound necessary, in a frost-cracking-open-flea-eggs kind of way.

I read the first 🥇 four locations before I stopped myself. I refused to read any further. Because I immediately wanted to play along.

From then on, I’d look at the image only. I’d write a sentence. And after that I’d read what you wrote. Repeat til the end.

I wrote the first four after I was done and made a title and an indecipherable table.


I knew our discriptions couldn’t end up too different from one another, but exactly where our descriptions shared common themes regularly shocked me.

I hope more people make their own. It’s a weird experience to write something and then look at what other ppl thought about the exact same image. Like looking at a neuron in a zeitgeist.

if i preorder the physical book and want the pdf now, i'm guessing that's two different purchases or does the pre-order come with the pdf?


Preorder comes with the pdf!


This fuuuucks. I would draw comparison to what I imagine are its influences, but I don't think that does this justice. I instantly want to run this just by flipping through the pages of the PDF. Can't wait for the printed version to come. Well done!