The game is done. Well, this book is done. There's a lot more I'd like to do for Blackbirds, but this is all that will fit in this book. It's going to print soon, so grab your preorder copy asap. 

Huge changes though for those of you who have read the game already, or just scrubbed through. 

  • It's primarily focused on being a solo/gm-less game now.
  • It's switched from d20-focused to 2d6-focused.
  • Some skills were renamed, but they're still all there/the same.
  • Attunements are the same, but how they work is a lot more straight forward.
  • I removed the lack-luster GM stuff about time-keeping and such. That stuff needs work and will be in its own book of similar size to this.
  • The book has art now. I went a different route with it than I originally planned, but it's the route my body wanted me to take.
  • The layout is less plain. Like, it has layout now. I think it's p sexy.
  • The Perks system has been removed. It wasn't doing what I wanted it to. Those ideas are definitely going to come back in the more Adventure Focused book (along with time-keeping and such)
  • There have been a lot of text edits. I'd say 90% of the text has been reworked/messed with/rewritten. 
  • The list of inspiration has been added to the front of the book

So yeah, moving out of ashcan/alpha and into a release. I won't call this a beta because not much will change from now to print. 

To those of you who have already preordered, you'll get emails about shipping and such soon. Maybe next month? You'll see it haha.

Other than that, continue to rate the game, check out all the new stuff, and let me know about it on twitter or here.

Have a good one,



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Aug 31, 2021

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Hi batts, just wondering how i could provide feedback on typos i spot (in case they're unintentional)?

if you wanna do work for free, sure. I have an editor though.

Haha yeah i don't mind doing the work for free! Just a fan of your work and thought it might help even a little? I'll list here what i think might be errors:

  • p 5. quil --> quill
  • p 10. deligent --> diligent
  • p 15. poitns --> points
  • p 23. Darksider description is a copy from Eco
  • p 30. it's worth --> its worth
  • p 36. weilding --> wielding
  • p 48 and 50. momento --> memento
  • p 50. clothing its on --> clothing it's on
  • p 53. life larger --> lift larger

That is so strange. On my indesign doc the eco/darksider are different. I s2g this program screws with me on purpose sometimes.