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The curse left behind by the shells of gods has turned the canopy of this forest into a fungal carpet. It’s tangled so thick that it can be skiffed across like a green and dead sea, on wood and steel barges, frigates, and scooters. Bismark’s Guild of Hooligans has spare cash to throw to adventurers who climb down below the canopy and pilfer the pre-war tech that’s probably still down there.

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Buy Now$5.00 USD or more

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I used your setting for an emergency pick-up game when our DM got sick. Thanks for the cool ideas!

What system is this for? The statblocks look like an older version of D&D, but I'm not familiar enough to tell which version if so.

It's pretty system agnostic. I didn't make it with anything but the osr in mind.

Very cool and evocative. Gave me a melancholy vibe.


Oh this rules. A lot.